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Sunshine Angels advocates transparency, accountability, with no room for corruption. We are a publicly funded non- profit company, incorporating quantitative projects, and activities which focus on the benefits to people, communities and the protection of the environment.

Its members and employees are ardently focused on their mission, to partake in meaningful ventures, which provide the necessary life essentials for all vulnerable communities with poor living standards.

We are a non-profit [NPC] company that is driven by dedication, commitment, loyalty and enthusiasm to our causes and initiatives. We aim to provide maximum benefit for any funding received and to rebuild international and public confidence in South African based projects. We aspire to internal policies, such as complete transparency, openness, honesty, sincerity and to eliminate hugely exaggerated administration charges currently linked to local Non-Profit Organisation.

Our team is fully aligned with our company’s mission and is extremely passionate about the varying types of work it undertakes to accomplish its target goals, to provide, assist, and support its funded projects for vulnerable communities.

Current and upcoming projects:

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EcoHome Educational Journey  


Water and Sanitation for Schools  

For more information Contact:

Jacqueline McCarroll – 082 577 3471
Francoise Slater – 071 030 8612
Cyril Dupouy – 064 657 0303

If you have any feedback or would like to submit any requests or comments, please feel free to complete the following online submission form. Your details will not be given to any other external sources.